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General Comment: The Australian Bulldog is a healthy animal. Distinctly 'bulldog' in type yet free of anatomical exaggeration. An Australian Bulldog should breathe freely, whelp and breed naturally and be uninhibited in its movement. Smooth coated, thickset, medium sized with powerful build showing strength and agility, an Australian Bulldog is sound and active. Bitches generally not so grand or well developed as dogs.

Characteristics: Conveys impression of strength, activity and stamina and exhibits a trustworthy and enduring disposition.

Temperament: Loyal, fierce in appearance, but extremely outgoing and affectionate in nature. Very stable and predictable. Enjoys activity, however a lot of exercise is not necessary for health and mental stability. The breed craves human attention. Some may not tolerate aggressive overtures by other dogs.

Head & Skull: The head should be large, but not exaggerated out of proportion to the body. Broad muzzled and short faced, but the nose should be long enough for unhindered breathing. Muzzle is broad and turning up. Muzzle length from tip of nose to stop to be no less than 25mm and no more than 50mm. Loose folds of skin across the nose, but in no way excessively wrinkled. Eyes are set low and wide, never bulging or sunken - preferably withour visible haw. Eyes of any colour acceptable, but preferably dark. Head circumference should be equal to body height or up to 15% larger for males and equal or up to 10% larger for females.

Ears: Small to moderate size. Set wide apart. Rose or button preferred - never erect or cropped.

Mouth: Broad jaw. Canines set wide apart. Well occluded incisors. Undershot (but not to excess) to level jaw. Flews are relatively broad and hanging over lower jaw at each side. Teeth should not be obviously protruding. Flews should not be excessive in size and mouth should not be excessively loose.

Neck: Moderate in length; thick, deep and strong with loose skin forming dewlap on either side.

Forequarters: Chest wide and deep. Shoulders broad, but not excessively so, rounded ribs. Forelegs powerful and straight, not bandy or curved, well boned, set wide apart presenting a straight front.

Body: Back short and straight giving compact carraige, but not so short as to interfere with activity and agility. Bitches may have greater body length than males in order to assist natural whelping. Body shape in general is brick shaped with shoulders only slightly wider than hips.

Body length for males should be equal to height or up to 15% longer.
Body length for females should be between 10% and 25% longer than height.
(Body length measuring distance from shoulders to base of tail)

Hindquarters: Strong and muscular. Hocks slightly bent. Hip width should be no more than 15% narrower than the shoulders.

Feet: Round and compact. Excessively splayed feed undesirable.

Tail: Thickset at root. Straight (long or short), crank, pump-handle tails all acceptable. Screw tails acceptable, but tight screws undesirable.

Gain/Movement: Balanced, vigorous and uninhibited. Should not have rolling gait.

Coat: Smooth, short, tight to body.

Colour: Any colour acceptable.

Note: Breeders should be aiming for maximum pigment on their dogs, including black eye rims, nose and if possible less white on the sensitive areas exposed to the unforgiving Australian sun. Breeding with this in mind will help to reduce the incidence of skin cancer in the Australian Bulldog.

Size: Height: Dogs 17 - 21 inch (43 - 52.5cm), Bitches: 17 - 20 inch (43 - 50cm)
Weight: Dogs 28 - 38kg, Bitches: 24 - 30kg.

Reference: Australian Bulldog Society INC, 2006.


The Australian Bulldog was initially developed by Pip Nobes of the Nobes line and Noel and Tina Green of the Jag line of Australian Bulldogs with various other breeders becoming involved. Many breeders have dedicated much time and effort to the Aussie Bulldog's development, much appreciated by all Aussie enthusiasts. The Australian Bulldog was developed with the aim of creating a unique type of Bulldog, suited to the formidable Australian environment, and one that could excel in a number of roles including agility, watchdog, family companion and obedience, due to its inherent intelligence, size, alertness, and durable body structure.

In forming the breed a mixture of English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Boxer and British Bulldog were used. Each of these dogs having very useful traits which have moulded together to create a Bulldog that has the lot! British- Affectionate, aesthetically appealing. Boxer, Bullmastiff- Alertness, dependable watchdog, turn of stifle. Staffordshire Bull Terrier- Body structure, muscle tone, alertness.


Currently many breeders are producing relatively consistent stock, and the breed is well on its way to becoming a recognised breed, however breeder's must comply with the ANKC regulations for this to occur. These regulations can be viewed on the ABS website. We are proud members of the Australian Bulldog Society the incorporated body for the breed and abide and support their objectives listed below:

1. To promote the Australian Bulldog breed.

2. To foster avenues of communication and exchange of ideas amongst breeders and supporters of the breed within a spirit of cooperation.

3. To have an agreed Breed Standard achieved by majority vote amongst members.

4. To have a Code of Ethics for Breeders achieved by majority vote amongst members.

5. To provide a forum to lobby the Australian National Kennel Council for future recognition of the breed and provision of an ANKC Developmental Register.

6. To promote the commencement of State Subcommittees once membership numbers are such as to allow this.

Reference: Australian Bulldog Society, Constitution, 2004.

A breeder’s number one priority should be health, and should never sacrifice health for good looks - therefore it is necessary to balance the two.

A Big Thankyou, especially to Pip Nobes, the Greens and all Aussie enthusiasts, before my time, for developing this revolutionary breed of dog, a truly amazing companion.


Our Mission:

1. We will always aim to enhance the health of our Australian Bulldog breeding stock and progeny.To do this health screening tests will be carried out on all stock, before they are bred from this will include Hip Scores and eye tests.

2. Our goal is to produce Aussie's of outstanding conformation, within the limits of the standard set by the Australian Bulldog Society.

3. We will communicate with other Aussie enthusiasts in a nondiscrimminatory, open and enthusiastic manner, conducive toward the future of this wonderful breed.

4. Our breeding program will always strive to increase the generations of Australian to Australian. We do not base our matings on percentages, furthermore we do not determine the quality of an Aussie by its percentage as to determine the correct percentage would require extensive genetic analysis, far beyond basic calculations.

5. We do not cross our Australian bulldogs with British Bulldogs, instead we select soundly bred Australian bulldogs, in our attempts to improve the health of our stock.

6. We will proudly promote the Australian bulldog.

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